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Mindful You Yoga Studio


MY Yoga Studio's vision is to support our students in their journey through life. Every class offered is focused on mindfulness: being present, aware of your breath, your movement, bodily sensations and thoughts. This is the practice of yoga and its health benefits are far reaching and life changing. Mindfulness leads to deep relaxation and transformation on every level- physical, mental and emotional. Each of our amazing teachers brings their unique style and skill set to MY Yoga Studio. A variety of classes from Energy Medicine Yoga to Yin Yoga are offered on the schedule. Kids classes as well as a gentle practice specifically for individuals dealing with chronic pain such as neuropathy and arthritis are also offered regularly. Teachers will be planning workshops and special events along the way so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed. We are so eager to serve our community in the best way we know how - with Yoga. 

MY Yoga Studio supports local artists. Local artists exhibit their work at the studio. Mindful You Yoga Studio values Creativity, Community and Mindful Living.  

Creating a Mindful Community...Breath by Breath.

With our upcoming EXPANSION comes Our Vision of Wellness beyond the practice of yoga and mindfulness 

  • Herb Shop ( Apothecary ) with bulk herbs, tea blends and an on staff herbalist coming soon...

  • Massage, Reflexology and more coming with our expansion which is scheduled to be complete by September. Stay Tuned...

MY Yoga Studio Info

Current Pricing

Please note prices just went up as as of August 1st but from now through August use coupon code '1yeargoingstrong' to receive 15% off any purchase to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. 


Drop Ins $ 15.00

Community Class $ 5.00 (Wednesdays 7:15 pm)

3 class pack for $ 39.00 ( expires in 1 month)

5 class pack for $ 60.00 ( expires in 3 months) 

10 class pack for $ 99.00 

 (expires in 3 months)

FIRST 2 Weeks unlimited classes for $ 20.00 - that way you can check it all out and decide which option is best for you. 

We offer a 10 % discount for First Responders/ Military/Veterans and their immediate family. Reach out to me personally for the coupon code.

Pricing for private sessions are as follows...

1 person $ 75.00

2 people $ 90.00

3-5 people $ 100.00

6-10 people $ 120.00

Contact the studio to set up private sessions. We are offering a discount if you book more than one session you get $ 5.00 off each session and $ 10.00 off each session when booking over 6 sessions. There is a cancellation policy for private sessions that will be provided to you at the time of purchase. 




Check out the new featured artist at Mindful You Yoga Studio from now through September when you stop into to practice. If you like what you see the pieces are available to purchase or simply appreciate while your here.

Our featured artist for our 3rd Qtr

( July- September) is Brandy Jones. 

Here is what Brandy has to say about her inspiration and expression...\

"The theme for my artwork is Spirituality. I wanted my artwork to express the transformation that one goes through in life that connects them with the divine. I believe that art helps us heal because in art you use your hands and the hands are an extension of the heart. I believe that through the hands we are able to express our deepest passion and pain, in which allows us to heal. My belief is art is a tool for healing; it can heal the artist as well as the admirer of the artwork. "

MY MONTHLY Memberships


There are two options for becoming a member of our studio. Both options give you 15% off EVERYTHING we offer. 

  • Private Yoga sessions
  • Workshops
  • Massage Therapy sessions
  • Reflexology session
  • Thai Body Work Sessions
  • Health Coaching Sessions
  • Herbalist Sessions
  • All Retail including the Apothecary (Herb shop) 

Option 1: MY UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP take unlimited classes every month for $ 80.00 / month. 15% off everything we offer (except gift certificates) 3 month commitment after that you can cancel at anytime. Get this... your membership can be shared with your children under 12 for an additional $ 20.00/ per child per month. So for just $ 20.00 more your child can attend unlimited kids classes which run twice a week. That is an amazing deal !! 

Option 2: MY Wellness Program Membership We want you to budget for your wellness so you choose how much you want to invest in your health. Your card will get charged an allocated amount each month ($40.00 minimum) and it will become a credited account balance (money keeps accumulating on your account) that you will use to make purchases at our studio/wellness center. Benefits include 15% off everything we offer (listed above, no discount on gift certificates) Also,  includes class packages. Your class packages never expire as long as you are a MY Wellness Program Member. We require a 3 month commitment when you sign up for any membership after that you can cancel at anytime.  This options allows you all the same perks as our unlimited membership except by buying class packages you have the control of how much you pay for however many classes you attend. If you don't make it to the studio in a few months you will just simply have a larger credited account balance to apply towards your wellness needs when you are ready. That's not all...your membership can be shared with your FAMILY for an additional $ 20.00/ per family member per month. So instead of the required $ 40.00/ month charge it will be $ 60.00/ month requirement for you and your child or your mother or husband etc. to be a member with you. You and your immediate family can share class packages and you get your 15 % discount on kids workshops, regular workshops, private sessions for your kids, or couples workshops, massage therapy sessions. All the perks extended to your entire family unit.   

New to Yoga

The MY Movement or MY Community classes are perfect for beginners. The classes use natural movements linked with breath and is for everyBODY and anyBODY. Try it out.  Your body and mind will thank you !!  

Have you seen our testimonials !! click the 'Find out More Link Below' to see


 FAMILY BUNNY YOGA -Coming in September 

Let us come together for a great cause. Join us in the experience of a Family Style Yoga Class open to all ages young and old (ages 5-99+) with the company of fluffy hippity hoppity bunnies. Registration Cost is $ 16.00 per person and 100 % of this is being donated to House of Rabbits Society MD/DC/Northern VA Chapter (Bunny Rescue) Maria Reusing will lead the class through various yoga postures and techniques along with some fun interaction with the bunnies that will be joining us. As a life long caretaker of bunnies Maria will talk about the joys and responsibilities of owning a pet bunny and the importance of adoption from a bunny rescue. Rabbits are the third most popular pet, behind dogs and cats, and they are also the third most surrendered pet at shelters. Lets get to know ourselves better through a practice of yoga and the company of one of the most adorable animals there is !!  * Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult.  


A  2 HOUR JOURNEY of Movement and Sound 

Saturday August 31st @ 11:30-1:30

With Kelly Stickney RYT-200, Pangu Yoga Instructor


Gentle Yoga + Powerful Qi Gong

Pangu Yoga is a gentle and healing style of yoga created in 2011 by Anisha Desai Fraser and deeply respected world renowned Qi Gong Master Ou Wen Wei. It combines the benefits of Yoga and the energy cultivation aspects of Qi Gong (Pangu Shengong). During the workshop you will receive the foundational energy of Pangu Yoga through gentle flow sequences, guided imagery, Pranayama, Qi healing and deeply restful Savasanas. Leave feeling deeply calm, content and full of vitality!

Kelly cultivates a life of positivity, integrity, and smiling through her practices of yoga, qi gong, and kindness. She has a great passion for sharing the foundations of health and happiness.


I don't have a mat or I forgot mine. Does the studio have mats for me to use ?  Of course we do. 

When is the Studio open ?   Please check out our class schedule. The studio opens a half hour before a scheduled class and doors are locked 5-10 minutes after class begins. Please be punctual as a courtesy to the teacher and other students, especially if you have not pre-registered.  It is best to be approx. 10 minutes early so you can  settle in and begin your journey to relaxation. See you soon !!  

Do I need to sign up ahead of time ? 

It is suggested you do sign up ahead of time to make sure you reserve yourself a spot. click the link below to look at our schedule and sign up using our scheduling site. 


 MY Yoga Studio is located in Poplar Place Shopping Center on the corner of Merritt Blvd. and Wise Ave. on the 2nd floor. The door to walk up to the 2nd floor is nestled between The Barber Shop and Poplar Hardware Store.  Once you go upstairs hang a right down the hallway and we are the 2nd door on the left.  1705 B Poplar Place. We look forward to seeing you real soon.   

Meet MY Yoga Studio Instructors

Crystal Crisp/ Studio Owner and Instructor


I am a dedicated yoga instructor and health coach with a passion for nature and helping others. I strive to create an empowering, nurturing environment for students to flourish and feel a sense of joy. My approach is to assist students in developing a deeper connection with mind, body and spirit through a breath centered yoga practice. I appreciate how yoga can play an intricate role in maintaining and regaining health naturally by assisting the body in regulating its functions and developing a greater capacity for stillness to help the individual connect to their true nature. Through a regular yoga practice I have noticed there is a improved ability to make more conscious decisions about well being and self care.    

I earned my 200 hr. teacher training under the guidance of Kim Manfredi and completed a 100 hour training with Martha McAlpine. I continued an ongoing mentorship with Martha McAlpine through 2017.  In May 2018, I attended a training in Energy Medicine Yoga with Lauren Walker that I am thrilled to be incorporating in my classes as a way to further amplify the healing powers of yoga.  I am currently in a 300 hr. masters program in Energy Medicine Yoga to further advance my studies in this healing practice. 

Meet Our Other Instructors

Lynda Holtschneider


Lynda is RYT® 500 , TCYT (Trauma Centered Yoga Teacher), LoveYourBrain Yoga Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher and Integrative Wellness Coach. Additional training includes: Trauma Sensitive Yoga based on David Emerson & Dr. Bessel Van DerKolk's extensive studies, Transformation Through Post-Tramatic Growth, NLP, Ayuveydic studies (including a 14 day immersion at The Raj), Yoga for Arthritis, Fascia. Currently, Lynda is in an Energy Medicine Yoga 300 hour Master Program with with Lauren Walker and also is LoveYourBrain Yoga Certified. Lynda led the First LYB FUNdamental series in Maryland. 

Note from Lynda: I truly enjoy working with all ages ranging from Toddlers to Seniors (oldest so far is 92!) in groups and private settings. While I've been a student of various styles yoga and Ayurvedic principles since my early 20's, it wasn't until being diagnosed with stage 3C Cancer that I was really able to “see”. By that I mean, the thread interwoven throughout my life, the whispers my body had been speaking to me, that I AM capable of making the changes in my life that need to be made, and if not NOW then when? Believe it or not, it was during chemo and radiation treatments that I embarked on my teacher training. Delving deeper into my personal practice and experiencing first hand the remarkable changes in mind, body and soul that can occur through yoga. Putting it “all together”, into a regular practice, studying it, and sharing it, I have really begun to understand that “yoga isn't something you do, it's a way of life”. I've been able to create a more balanced life, becoming more in tune with my body and the world around me. Making the connection with my students, in mind, body and spirit, to help guide them along their practice is a blessing. Presenting these teachings in a safe and healing environment brings forth true transformation. I look forward to serving this community and being a part of your wellness journey. “Start from where you are and go from there.” After all, if not now, then when? ~ Namaste  

Daniel Raheyel



Daniel Rahayel’s natural authority, depth, and gentleness make a potent recipe to transmit what a vitalized connection can mean for you as a student and teacher (and your students by extension through  you). 

Daniel is a thoroughly trained, skilled teacher with a unique understanding of the Subtle Body.  His focus is to educate by raising awareness of the Divine Partnership inherent in the Self by creating classes and workshops for teachers and practitioners seeking this deeper connection. 

Daniel has completed 200hr Charm City Yoga teacher training with Kim Manfredi, 200hr Radiant Body  

Yoga teacher training with Kia Miller, has studied extensively with his Guru, Martha Wallace McAlpine,  and is registered with Yoga Alliance. 

Daniel is a homeowner, who lives with two cats, he loves to cook, and has a dedicated Sadhana  and family life. 

Yes, these local devoted yogis are a husband and wife duo

Ben Bacigalupa


 Ben Bacigalupa was first introduced to the practice of yoga in 2014. Falling in love with the peace he experienced when cultivating a consistent practice. His practice has guided him through health and relationship issues, and the stresses of daily life as a husband and father of three children . As a person in recovery he has used his yoga practice to stay grounded and feel connected with others. 

Ben received his 200 YTT certificate from The Baltimore Yoga Village in 2017. During the training he learned asana alignment , pranayam, Ayurveda training , yoga history and study of the yoga sutras. He is continuing to learn more everyday with the amazing teachers in the community. 

Daniella Bacigalupa



Yoga was a recommendation to Daniella back in 2009 to help her manage stress during school. Instantly falling deeply into this practice, Daniella continued finding reasons to make Yoga a part of her life. This practice supported her through school, moving cities, emotional and mental fluctuations, family life, and work.

In 2016 Daniella completed her 200YTT from Peace Yoga in Bel Air, where she learned anatomy, pranayam, asana, and Ayurveda. In 2018, trained in Mindfulness and Yoga for Children with ChildLight Yoga. Since 2015, Daniella teaches preschool Yoga in Harford County.

Daniella continues to find the beauty with each intentional breath and asana movement, traveling on home to the body, and hopes to help others find their own Yoga personalities.

Maria Reusing

Maria Reusing

Maria started taking yoga classes in 2009 and continues to find her mat a place of rest, strength, and self discovery. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at Charm City Yoga in 2014 and her 500-hour teacher training at Yoga on York in 2018. She also has certifications in stand up paddle board yoga and aerial yoga. Maria's classes are a mixture of flowing between postures, working on alignment, and meeting yourself where you are daily on your mat. She takes special care to provide a holistic atmosphere for your personal journey accompanied by funky music and little bit of fun. 

Janelle Bounds


  Janelle found yoga in 2010 when she became injured running cross country in college. She loved the feeling of opening up her body with the asana practice and the spiritual pull of yoga attracted her instantly! Yoga has helped heal her body while make her a better person. Janelle uses yoga as a tool to celebrate what the body and mind are capable of. Janelle received her 200-hour teacher training in the summer of 2017 from YogaWorks. She is humbled for the opportunity to share her joy and love for this practice with yo 

Kelly Stickney

Kelly has been a Yoga Instructor since 2015
Pangu Shengong (Qi Gong) Instructor since 2012
Pangu Yog


Kelly has been a Yoga Instructor since 2015
Pangu Shengong (Qi Gong) Instructor since 2012
Pangu Yoga Instructor since 2016

Kelly envisions a world of empowered, healthy and interdependent beings. She believes we can direct our own destiny, and she travels the joyful paths of energy work and self-study, particularly yoga, qi gong, and meditation. Her favorite avenue to share with students and fellow practitioners is Pangu Yoga, a unique blend of gentle yoga and a powerful healing qi (life force). She lives by and teaches the motto “live Light, travel Light, spread Light, be the Light!”

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin

Jennifer Lee


  A Nature Mystic, Eco-Conscious Modern Homesteader, Radical Homemaker, Artist / Writer, A Creator.  I believe in non-violence. I believe in speaking the Truth. I believe that your light cannot shine, if your actions are destroying Mother Earth. I believe dancing in the rain is good for the soul. I believe in love no matter how many times a heart breaks. I believe in kindness. 

Earth Guide, Animal / Plant Caretaker, Organic Garden Farmer, Pollinator, Garden Planter, A Seed Saver. 

I take a Shamanistic approach to life. A Spirit Architect. An awakened soul. 



Grief, Loss, Life Transition, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Pain Gentle, Chair, Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Prana Vinyasa Flow w/ Pranams, Plant Medicine, Flow styles of yoga.  Yoga for the Highly Sensitive, ADHD/ADD, Accessible, Couples Yoga. 


 Yoga Nidra, Breath Work, Guided Meditation


Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Flower Essence 


 Fertility Doula, Yoga for Fertility, Herbalism for Fertility, Nutrition for Fertility 


Hands, Feet, Fertility 


Eclectic & Intuitive Energy Medicine for the Soul (based in Reiki and IET w/ soft Shamanic Spirit guided by Earth energies) 


Certified Yoga Teacher 200 hour 

Aqua Yoga, Yoga for Grief, Kids Yoga, Sacred Fertility Douala Certification , Herbalist Certification, Intuitive Plant Medicine, Reflexology Certification, Meditation Certification, Stress Reduction/Management Certification, Brown Belt Level Certification in Tae Kwon

More about my journey


I have found my passion in yoga and a natural health and healing lifestyle. It all started around 7 years ago when I discovered plant based eating and it opened me up to a whole new life of vibrant healthy living. Before shifting the way I ate, I didn't know the slightest thing about health nor did I even give it much thought. I thought I already experienced good health but I found out that wasn't the case. I came to plant based eating for compassion reasons but quickly became aware of the health benefits as my energy increased, I shed extra weight (50 lbs !!) , my skin cleared up and an overall sense of wellbeing I had never experienced before became my new norm. During this time my mom became very ill with a diagnoses of ovarian cancer. She choose to go with the conventional treatment and passed shortly thereafter in the midst of much suffering. During this time, I began diligently researching healing modalities and what I found shocked me. I am not going to get into all that now but what I will say is that from direct experience I have developed the opinion that our bodies are completely self healing if we provide the right conditions. My life's mission has become applying those conditions in my own life and to be a resource and a light for others to do the same. The suffering and passing of my mom was a catalyst to my own growth and dedication to natural health and natural healing. Since then I have studied natural hygiene, holistic nutrition, regenerative detoxification, herbal medicine, transformational coaching and yoga. 


My love for yoga blossomed out of the realization that a deeper connection with mind and body through movement, pranayama ( yogic breath techniques) and meditation gives us a greater capacity to make more conscious decisions about well being, diet and self care. Imbedded in this ancient tradition are many of the same principals I learned while studying transformational coaching. In my approach to health, I put a strong focus on the function and strength of the endocrine gland system according to what I have learned and applied from regenerative detoxification using the healing power of herbs to support, cleanse and strengthen these precious glands. As I learned more about yoga I found that the practice can play an intricate role in maintaining and regaining health naturally by regulating the functions of the endocrine gland system and other bodily functions. This continues to intrigue me. 


My aim is empower you on your health journey whether it be through working with me one on one as yoga student ( see where I teach locally or schedule a private session with me) or as a health coaching client where I offer a range of support depending on your health concerns and goals or just as an educational resource through my journal post, newsletters or other offering. Your radiance is within you at all times you need only learn to unleash it. Be the light !! 


 I have tried Yoga many times over the years and felt that I could never do it.
Finally I found a yoga studio that truly is for everyone!
Crystal is the owner and an instructor, and works with all levels, and I was truly a beginner. I have Fibromyalgia, and I can definitely say that I feel so much better.
I started at Mindful You about 6 months ago and faithfully take classes three times per week. Consistency is the key for me.
Less pain, more flexibility.
Stress is huge in my life, as it is for most people that I know. My mind is much more calm. Now I just breathe...
As a huge bonus my total cholesterol came down 80 points, and my LDL cholesterol came down 50 points! My doctor thought it might be a mistake from the lab. But she agrees cortisol is rampant when one is under stress, and that I should definitely keep doing the yoga for all the above benefits.
Extra bonus. This is a very friendly group--leave your pretensions at the door. And the classes are less than half of anywhere that I have checked.
Private classes are at least half.
Do it for you! 

-Connie A.

Since our first practice, afterwards, I'm almost brought to tears throughout the day so much with, what I can only call joy, for lack of a better word. Your gentle encouraging "coaching" has made all the differnce for me. I don't feel uncomfortable or "not good enough at yoga" in the least. I am not sure exactly why yoga didn't click with me in years past...all I do know, now, is that since you have been teaching me it fits perfectly and effectively and I am overcome with hope and calm and happiness. Thank you again and again!!!

-Julia S.

Crystal's extensive knowledge of yoga along with her caring attitude is transparent during her classes. After her class I feel refreshed, focused and at peace. I use certain techniques discussed in class during the day when I feel stressed. Great work out for body and mind.

- Monica H. 

 Such an awesome studio with amazing teachers! Very welcoming and accommodating to all levels, ages, body types, etc! It's so nice to be in a class with people of all ages and walks of life, especially in such an intimate and relaxing environment! There is a variety of offerings with different types and focuses of yoga, so there really is something for everyone. Love, love, LOVE having this gem of a studio right here in Dundalk! 

-Gina V.

I feel peace on my soul. I feel happiness and relaxation and free and loved and hugged and pure and open. Yoga with you has opened my mind to things unseen and unfelt during any other part of my life. You have a heavenly way of helping me connect with myself and with my emotions. I just get the sense that everything is exactly the way it should be and to live freely and let go of the worry and stress of the day to day things. 



Crystal has such a calm and relaxing demeanor. She provides and amazing experience

-Jessie S. 

I was a Yoga newbie when I took my first "My Movement" class with Crystal a couple months ago. I can honestly say, discovering Mindful You and Yoga has really changed my life. I handle stress better, I'm calmer, feel more relaxed and my aches and pains aren't so noticeable anymore. Most importantly,my blood pressure has come down 15 points in those 2 months. I am ecstatic to have discovered this beautiful place and love learning from Crystal!

-Jeanette T.