This is what our students have to share...

I have tried Yoga many times over the years and felt that I could never do it.  Finally I found a yoga studio that truly is for everyone! Crystal is the owner and an instructor, and works with all levels, and I was truly a beginner. I have Fibromyalgia, and I can definitely say that I feel so much better. I started at Mindful You about 6 months ago and faithfully take classes three times per week. Consistency is the key for me. Less pain, more flexibility.  Stress is huge in my life, as it is for most people that I know. My mind is much more calm. Now I just breathe... As a huge bonus my total cholesterol came down 80 points, and my LDL cholesterol came down 50 points! My doctor thought it might be a mistake from the lab. But she agrees cortisol is rampant when one is under stress, and that I should definitely keep doing the yoga for all the above benefits. Extra bonus. This is a very friendly group--leave your pretensions at the door. And the classes are less than half of anywhere that I have checked. Private classes are at least half.  Do it for you! 

-Connie A.

Since our first practice, afterwards, I'm almost brought to tears throughout the day so much with, what I can only call joy, for lack of a better word. Your gentle encouraging "coaching" has made all the differnce for me. I don't feel uncomfortable or "not good enough at yoga" in the least. I am not sure exactly why yoga didn't click with me in years past...all I do know, now, is that since you have been teaching me it fits perfectly and effectively and I am overcome with hope and calm and happiness. Thank you again and again!!!

-Julia S.

Crystal's extensive knowledge of yoga along with her caring attitude is transparent during her classes. After her class I feel refreshed, focused and at peace. I use certain techniques discussed in class during the day when I feel stressed. Great work out for body and mind.

- Monica H. 

Such an awesome studio with amazing teachers! Very welcoming and accommodating to all levels, ages, body types, etc! It's so nice to be in a class with people of all ages and walks of life, especially in such an intimate and relaxing environment! There is a variety of offerings with different types and focuses of yoga, so there really is something for everyone. Love, love, LOVE having this gem of a studio right here in Dundalk! 

-Gina V.

I feel peace on my soul. I feel happiness and relaxation and free and loved and hugged and pure and open. Yoga with you has opened my mind to things unseen and unfelt during any other part of my life. You have a heavenly way of helping me connect with myself and with my emotions. I just get the sense that everything is exactly the way it should be and to live freely and let go of the worry and stress of the day to day things. 


Crystal has such a calm and relaxing demeanor. She provides and amazing experience

-Jessie S. 

I was a Yoga newbie when I took my first "My Movement" class with Crystal a couple months ago. I can honestly say, discovering Mindful You and Yoga has really changed my life. I handle stress better, I'm calmer, feel more relaxed and my aches and pains aren't so noticeable anymore. Most importantly,my blood pressure has come down 15 points in those 2 months. I am ecstatic to have discovered this beautiful place and love learning from Crystal!

-Jeanette T.