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More Wellness Services Available

Thai Bodywork


Thai Bodywork is an ancient, yogic massage modality which incorporates the acupressure,  muscle compression, joint mobilization, assisted yoga postures, energy work, and breath work to treat the body on both a physical and energetic level. In one Thai Bodywork session you will receive the same benefits of yoga, massage, and energy work all together. This may mean you could experience an increase in range of motion and flexibility, inner organ massage and fluid mobility, blood oxygenation, increased  energy, stress reduction, increased circulation, and a centering of the mind and body. By aligning the energies of the body, one will leave the session feeling relaxed, stretched, and nurtured



Hands-on modality where the application of pressure is placed on specific zones (acupressure points) on hands and/or feet that correspond to different organ and body systems; though not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure, it creates an overall sense of relaxation and well-being allowing for more balanced feeling throughout the entire body. Theory postulates that reflexology works with the central nervous system, reduces pain by reducing stress, thus improving mood, and keeps the body’s ‘vital energy’ flowing (U of Minnesota). Because our bodies respond to touch, healing may occur on various levels in our emotional and spiritual realms, which could allow us to make changes on a physical level. Each session incorporates calming sound healing and aromatherapy. Individuals may combine their session w/ energy work.

Health Coaching


Free Breakthrough Session offered

Single Health Coaching Session  $ 75.00

12 sessions for $ 840.00

Fruit Peace Health Coaching Services with Crystal

Crystal is a Certified Health Coach, Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and an Experience Registered Yoga Teacher. In these coaching sessions Crystal can use all her knowledge and tools to help you reach your health goals and guide you on your health/healing journey while holding space for you to explore and gain a deeper understanding of what has been holding you back from reaching your goals. Accountability along with compassion, and a growing connection to your essential nature is just some of what you will experience as a result of your commitment to show up for yourself in this meaningful way.




  • Herbalism Consultations 
  • Apothecary in Development
  • Plant Spirit Yoga workshops, classes and private sessions offered regularly for you to learn more about the power of herbs and how it can enhance your yoga practice and your health and wellbeing.  

Energy Work


  • Reiki
  • Breathwork
  • Deep Meditation
  • Energy Medicine Yoga Private Sessions to learn energy techniques, self massage techniques, and acupressure points to work with your own energy for self healing and empowerment
  •  Sound Healing - 38 " Gong for private or group sessions. Also, look for our Saturday Sound Healing Pop-up classes in 2020.  

Mindfulness Dog Training for Human & Canine Relationships


ZenRj Dog Training 

Rehabilitation & Wellness

Message from RJ : I’m honored to be your personal Baltimore dog training expert and am excited to show you and your dog how to live your best life together. Whether you’re at your wits end with severe behaviors, have a dog being a rambunctious goofball, or have a puppy who needs to get started on the right paw, there’s nothing more rewarding to me than helping people and dogs bridge the communication gap and reach their full potential.

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MY MONTHLY Memberships Options


GET EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP PRICING There are two options for becoming a member of our studio. Both options give you 15% off EVERYTHING we offer.

  • Private Yoga sessions
  • Workshops
  • Massage Therapy sessions
  • Reflexology session
  • Thai Body Work Sessions
  • Health Coaching Sessions
  • Herbalist Sessions
  • All Retail including the Apothecary (Herb shop) 

MY Unlimited Membership

Option 1: MY UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP take unlimited classes every month for $ 80.00 / month. 15% off everything we offer (except gift certificates) 3 month commitment after that you can cancel at anytime. Get this... your membership can be shared with your children under 12 for an additional $ 20.00/ per child per month. So for just $ 20.00 more your child can attend unlimited kids classes which run twice a week. That is an amazing deal !! 

MY Wellness Program Membership

Option 2: MY Wellness Program Membership We want you to budget for your wellness so you choose how much you want to invest in your health. Your card will get charged an allocated amount each month ($40.00 minimum) and it will become a credited account balance (money keeps accumulating on your account) that you will use to make purchases at our studio/wellness center. Benefits include 15% off everything we offer (listed above, no discount on gift certificates) Also,  includes class packages. Your class packages never expire as long as you are a MY Wellness Program Member. We require a 3 month commitment when you sign up for any membership after that you can cancel at anytime.  This options allows you all the same perks as our unlimited membership except by buying class packages you have the control of how much you pay for however many classes you attend. If you don't make it to the studio in a few months you will just simply have a larger credited account balance to apply towards your wellness needs when you are ready. That's not all...your membership can be shared with your FAMILY for an additional $ 20.00/ per family member per month. So instead of the required $ 40.00/ month charge it will be $ 60.00/ month requirement for you and your child or your mother or husband etc. to be a member with you. You and your immediate family can share class packages and you get your 15 % discount on kids workshops, regular workshops, private sessions for your kids, or couples workshops, massage therapy sessions. All the perks extended to your entire family unit.