Meet MY Yoga Studio Instructors

Crystal Jenae Sara / Studio Owner and Instructor


I am a dedicated yoga instructor and health coach with a passion for nature and helping others. I strive to create an empowering, nurturing environment for students to flourish and feel a sense of joy. My approach is to assist students in developing a deeper connection with mind, body and spirit through a breath centered yoga practice. I appreciate how yoga can play an intricate role in maintaining and regaining health naturally by assisting the body in regulating its functions and developing a greater capacity for stillness to help the individual connect to their true nature. Through a regular yoga practice I have noticed there is a improved ability to make more conscious decisions about well being and self care.   


I earned my 200 hr. teacher training under the guidance of Kim Manfredi and completed a 100 hour training with Martha McAlpine. I continued an ongoing mentorship with Martha McAlpine through 2017.  In May 2018, I attended a training in Energy Medicine Yoga with Lauren Walker that I am thrilled to be incorporating in my classes as a way to further amplify the healing powers of yoga.  I am currently in a 300 hr. masters program in Energy Medicine Yoga to further advance my studies in this healing practice. 

Meet Our Other Instructors

Daniella Bacigalupa


Yoga was a recommendation to Daniella back in 2009 to help her manage stress during school. Instantly falling deeply into this practice, Daniella continued finding reasons to make Yoga a part of her life. This practice supported her through school, moving cities, emotional and mental fluctuations, family life, and work.

In 2016 Daniella completed her 200YTT from Peace Yoga in Bel Air, where she learned anatomy, pranayam, asana, and Ayurveda. In 2018, trained in Mindfulness and Yoga for Children with ChildLight Yoga. Since 2015, Daniella teaches preschool Yoga in Harford County.

Daniella continues to find the beauty with each intentional breath and asana movement, traveling on home to the body, and hopes to help others find their own Yoga personalities.

Janelle Bounds


  Janelle found yoga in 2010 when she became injured running cross country in college. She loved the feeling of opening up her body with the asana practice and the spiritual pull of yoga attracted her instantly! Yoga has helped heal her body while make her a better person. Janelle uses yoga as a tool to celebrate what the body and mind are capable of. Janelle received her 200-hour teacher training in the summer of 2017 from YogaWorks. She is humbled for the opportunity to share her joy and love for this practice with you.

Jess Crutchfield


Jess is a Baltimore-based yogini and bodywork practitioner, driven and inspired by yoga and wellness. She is YA 200 hr certified in Hatha Raja Yoga of the Sri Dharma Mittra lineage and currently teaches Hatha Raja Yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga, children’s yoga classes and parties, and Thai Bodywork workshops and weekend-trainings in and around Baltimore.
She has been known for her skillful presence in the classrooms of studios, workplaces, & public schools, her caring heart and capacity to hold space as a Thai bodywork practitioner, and her dedication to the awakening of others through energetic transformation.
Jess is committed to bringing healing and awareness to the world; she supports and encourages her students to align with their body and mind through conscious breath both on, and off the mat.   
“The body has an incredible capacity to heal itself, if only given the chance.”

Lynda Holtschneider


Lynda is RYT® 500 , TCYT (Trauma Centered Yoga Teacher), LoveYourBrain Yoga Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher and Integrative Wellness Coach. Additional training includes: Trauma Sensitive Yoga based on David Emerson & Dr. Bessel Van DerKolk's extensive studies, Transformation Through Post-Tramatic Growth, NLP, Ayuveydic studies (including a 14 day immersion at The Raj), Yoga for Arthritis, Fascia. Currently, Lynda is in an Energy Medicine Yoga 300 hour Masters Program with with Lauren Walker and also is LoveYourBrain Yoga Certified. Lynda led the First LYB FUNdamental series in Maryland.

Note from Lynda: I truly enjoy working with all ages ranging from Toddlers to Seniors (oldest so far is 92!) in groups and private settings. While I've been a student of various styles yoga and Ayurvedic principles since my early 20's, it wasn't until being diagnosed with stage 3C Cancer that I was really able to “see”. By that I mean, the thread interwoven throughout my life, the whispers my body had been speaking to me, that I AM capable of making the changes in my life that need to be made, and if not NOW then when? Believe it or not, it was during chemo and radiation treatments that I embarked on my teacher training. Delving deeper into my personal practice and experiencing first hand the remarkable changes in mind, body and soul that can occur through yoga. Putting it “all together”, into a regular practice, studying it, and sharing it, I have really begun to understand that “yoga isn't something you do, it's a way of life”. I've been able to create a more balanced life, becoming more in tune with my body and the world around me. Making the connection with my students, in mind, body and spirit, to help guide them along their practice is a blessing. Presenting these teachings in a safe and healing environment brings forth true transformation. I look forward to serving this community and being a part of your wellness journey. “Start from where you are and go from there.” After all, if not now, then when? ~ Namaste  

Jennifer Lee


Jennifer Lee
Spirit Medicine Woman, Yogi Herbalist, Earth Warrior

What I do is about alchemy. The act of transformation, ultimately leading to transmutation. It’s all a process, a messy process; yet we must be broken down into our parts to be turned into gold. It’s about letting go of what no longer serves us; like shedding our skin. Butterfly medicine teaches us ‘what was, no longer exists.’ We must taste our own medicine through movement, plant spirit medicine, and deep soul work; this is how we come to live the most Sacred Life on this beautiful Earth, in this very moment. We are meant to be here, right now. We have a purpose. And we are meant to dance barefoot in the rain and to have a deep soulful connection with the Earth; we’ve forgotten how to create fertile soil for growth. I am here to help you be inside your body, enliven your spirit, and remember your soul.

I use Yoga (sacred movement) and Intuitive Plant Medicine to heal my soul. I've learned to find center in the chaos. And I've learned to hear the Earth's song. A highly sensitive introverted soul who has an affinity for plants and animals, prefers stillness and silence over the hum of the electronic and mechanical world, and was given the gift of yoga and meditation as a child to calm an overactive nervous system. Having tried to thrive in a world where I never felt I belonged, I failed and through circumstance found my way back to yoga, which enabled me to survive the most difficult times of my life. Having let go of the perceived dreams that no longer served me and finding the strength to go my own way, I came back to yoga with rawness and an open heart and I was led to my authentic self; I now offer the gift of yoga, meditation, plant medicine, reflexology, energy work, and earth-centered living to others. I am a barefoot rain dancer who dedicates her life to helping Mother Earth’s creatures through organic native gardening, homing feral kitties, and being of service to others in their human journey on this precious planet. I’m about getting back to the old ways; back to the Earth ways, living of the land, not off it’s resources until there’s nothing left ways of today, but on the land, and in an ecological sustainable way, not taking more than we need ways. I am an ever evolving spirit.

Sacred Movement | Experienced Yoga Instructor | Yogic Grief Doula | Intuitive Plant Medicine | Master Herbalist | Shamanic Practitioner | Scared Living Guide | Sacred Fertility Doula | Meditation Guide | Breath Guide | Energy Worker | Reflexologist

Peter Purol


Peat has always enjoyed the movement and energetic arts. His journey began with martial arts, and he eventually came to Yoga in 2008. Yoga practice added a balance to the intensity of martial art practice. Yoga also opened up an entire inner world to explore and learn to navigate. Over the years, he has compiled the aspects of various styles of Yoga and other movement arts to create an eclectic style of teaching that not only offers something to the beginner, but also to the avid Practitioner. His classes are mindful, meditative, and at times will ask the Yogi(ini) to dig deep. Balance that with a good dose of humor and playfulness.

He sees the practice as something more than just simply stretching body, and because of this offers opportunities for the Yogi(ini) to take their practice off the mat and infuse their daily lives with what they uncover within themselves through the practice of Yoga.

He has (2) 200 Hour Certifications through Yama Yoga Collective and Yogaworks. He is also trained in Yoga of 12 Step Recovery, as well as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Peat loves animals (especially doggos), Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, painting, Healthy eating, pancakes, playing music and travelling.

Daniel Raheyel


Daniel Rahayel’s natural authority, depth, and gentleness make a potent recipe to transmit what a vitalized connection can mean for you as a student and teacher (and your students by extension through you).

Daniel is a thoroughly trained, skilled teacher with a unique understanding of the Subtle Body. His focus is to educate by raising awareness of the Divine Partnership inherent in the Self by creating classes and workshops for teachers and practitioners seeking this deeper connection.

Daniel has completed 200hr Charm City Yoga teacher training with Kim Manfredi, 200hr Radiant Body

Yoga teacher training with Kia Miller, has studied extensively with his Guru, Martha Wallace McAlpine, and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Daniel is a single, homeowner, who lives with two cats, he loves to cook, and has a dedicated Sadhana and family life.

Maria Reusing


Maria started taking yoga classes in 2009 and continues to find her mat a place of rest, strength, and self discovery. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at Charm City Yoga in 2014 and her 500-hour teacher training at Yoga on York in 2018. She also has certifications in stand up paddle board yoga and aerial yoga. Maria's classes are a mixture of flowing between postures, working on alignment, and meeting yourself where you are daily on your mat. She takes special care to provide a holistic atmosphere for your personal journey accompanied by funky music and little bit of fun. 

Kelly Stickney


Kelly has been a Yoga Instructor since 2015
Pangu Shengong (Qi Gong) Instructor since 2012
Pangu Yoga Instructor since 2016

Currently Kelly is studying for a master's of science in Yoga Therapy at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH

Kelly envisions a world of empowered, healthy and interdependent beings. She believes we can direct our own destiny, and she travels the joyful paths of energy work and self-study, particularly yoga, qi gong, and meditation. Her favorite avenue to share with students and fellow practitioners is Pangu Yoga, a unique blend of gentle yoga and a powerful healing qi (life force). She lives by and teaches the motto “live Light, travel Light, spread Light, be the Light!”

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin

More about my journey


I have found my passion in yoga and a natural health and healing lifestyle. It all started around 7 years ago when I discovered plant based eating and it opened me up to a whole new life of vibrant healthy living. Before shifting the way I ate, I didn't know the slightest thing about health nor did I even give it much thought. I thought I already experienced good health but I found out that wasn't the case. I came to plant based eating for compassion reasons but quickly became aware of the health benefits as my energy increased, I shed extra weight (50 lbs !!) , my skin cleared up and an overall sense of wellbeing I had never experienced before became my new norm. During this time my mom became very ill with a diagnoses of ovarian cancer. She choose to go with the conventional treatment and passed shortly thereafter in the midst of much suffering. During this time, I began diligently researching healing modalities and what I found shocked me. I am not going to get into all that now but what I will say is that from direct experience I have developed the opinion that our bodies are completely self healing if we provide the right conditions. My life's mission has become applying those conditions in my own life and to be a resource and a light for others to do the same. The suffering and passing of my mom was a catalyst to my own growth and dedication to natural health and natural healing. Since then I have studied natural hygiene, holistic nutrition, regenerative detoxification, herbal medicine, transformational coaching and yoga. 


My love for yoga blossomed out of the realization that a deeper connection with mind and body through movement, pranayama ( yogic breath techniques) and meditation gives us a greater capacity to make more conscious decisions about well being, diet and self care. Imbedded in this ancient tradition are many of the same principals I learned while studying transformational coaching. In my approach to health, I put a strong focus on the function and strength of the endocrine gland system according to what I have learned and applied from regenerative detoxification using the healing power of herbs to support, cleanse and strengthen these precious glands. As I learned more about yoga I found that the practice can play an intricate role in maintaining and regaining health naturally by regulating the functions of the endocrine gland system and other bodily functions. This continues to intrigue me. 

My aim is empower you on your health journey whether it be through working with me one on one as yoga student ( see where I teach locally or schedule a private session with me) or as a health coaching client where I offer a range of support depending on your health concerns and goals or just as an educational resource through my journal post, newsletters or other offering. Your radiance is within you at all times you need only learn to unleash it. Be the light !!